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As a child I always wanted to play the guitar. But I couldn't afford to buy one, so my parents suggested to play flute first. In the beginning it was fun, but after three years I was very bored.

I bought a very cheap guitar and had classical guitar lessons. When I was 13, we founded our first band called AXIS, which is funny, because there is now another German band called AXXIS.

We had in the first days a strange line-up: one drummer and five guitar-players, all with acoustic guitars. But soon three guys left, one switched to keyboard, one new guitar player joined and I switched to percussion. After a while, I can't remember, but I guess it was about two years, the suggestion was made that I could play the bass. With financial help from my brother I bought my first bass-guitar and a small bass combo. Thanks Klaus once again !

The music we played was just rock, not very heavy sound, but I enjoyed playing bass very much. I always wanted to play very loud, which all the others didn't liked. I started playing double bass for a year and played classic music in an orchestra. It was a good experience for me. After some years I left my first band and joined some jazz rock bands. It was a challenge and it was fun, But it got clearer, that I wanted to play hard rock. So I joined my first hard rock band in Munich and I was very happy. From that time on, I always played heavy metal, except one excursion to hardcore. In 1993 I joined LIZARD, which soon become S.P.Q.R. and later STEAMHAMMER and at last StormHammer.

My favorite bass players: Phil Lynott, Chris Squire, Steve Harris.
My favorite Bands: Queensryche (the good old stuff), Metallica, Thin Lizzy, Y&T, Yes, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Vandenplas, Fates Warning, Rough Cutt, Q5, Motörhead, Quite Riot, Helix, Rick James.

About my Equipment: Bogart Basses, Line 6 Bass POD XT Pro, QSC Power Amplifier, SWR 900 Amplifier, Audio Technica Wireless, Korg Tuner, Two Eden 4x10' Cabin with Tweeter

P.S. I'm a very cheerful person, even if I look very angry on pictures and when I'm playing the bass.

Horst Teßmann
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